Saturday, October 15, 2011

Magic Flight Launch Box Review

Magic Flight Launch Box
Reviewing the Magic Flight Launch Box was an absolute pleasure. The Magic Flight is by far the smallest vaporizer I have reviewed and I really enjoyed the ease of use and simple effective design. Also known as the MFLB which obviously stands for Magic Flight Launch Box, this vaporizer reaches its optimal temperature way faster than anything on the market. The quick heat up time adds to the stealthy capabilities of the unit as it can be used quickly with no fuss and then quickly thrown right back in your pocket.

To operate the Magic Flight Launch Box, you simply open up the sliding lid with the twitch of a finger, fill the “trench” or bowl with finely ground herb, being careful not to over fill above the clearly visible lines, insert a fully charged battery and your Magic Flight vaporizer is ready to go. To turn the vaporizer on you simple press down on the inserted AA battery and hold it in. The thing I liked most about the Magic Flight Launch Box upon review was the super-fast heat up time. This vaporizer is ready for use in only 5 seconds, the only vaporizer I have seen that heats up so quickly. There is no down time with Magic Flight vaporizer as it cools down just as fast as it heats up and I found it could be safely reloaded right after each use.

The housing of the Magic Flight Launch Box is made from wood and seems to be reasonably durable. I would be a little worried about the wood construction, but Magic Flight backs the product up with a lifetime warranty. I do like the use of natural materials as well and while the Magic Flight Vaporizer I reviewed came with the plastic mouthpiece, I know it is available with a wooden mouthpiece also which is a pretty cool accessory.

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a much simpler vaporizer than many others I have reviewed, but with the fast heat up time and the ease of use, I believe it is well worth the small investment. You could easily spend hundreds more for a portable vaporizer, but I don’t think you can get much better than the Magic Flight Launch Box.